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Congratulations to Our Bigs of the Year

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County has 600+ mentors in out program that invest in their Little by giving them time. We honor all 600+ mentors and the invisible work they do in our community each and every day. Thank you for giving BIG by being a Big! Big Brother of the Year - Gunnar Reichenberger Gunnar and his…

Porsha’s Story

MEET PORSHA & RENAJAH Porsha's mom was a single mother, who worked hard and was focused on providing each day, but was still struggling to make ends meet. However, when Porsha was 11 years old, her mother recognized that Porsha needed another adult in her life. In 2003, Porsha was matched with Big Sister Sara. Sara provided Porsha with new…

Aden’s Story

Meet Kevin & Aden When Big Brother Kevin was young, his grandfather and uncles were strong male role models. He watched and learned from them. Their influence inspired Kevin to become a mentor - first in his home state of Michigan and again in Wisconsin. Kevin decided to become a Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County,…

2017 Annual Report

Last year, we launched a new plan to increase our capacity to match more Littles…

8 Ways to Keep your Child or Little Engaged

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County takes pride in preparing mentors to have a “Big” impact on the children they mentor. Now that children are out of school for the summer, many of us, whether we’re parents, caretakers, aunts and uncles or simply someone with influence over a child, have a great opportunity to keep the kids we love…

From Homework Help to Home Science Experiments

When Big Sister Gretchen first met Little Sister Brianna, she met a shy, smart, curious girl who often got into trouble. Brianna got upset quickly, threw fits, and fought with other kids. Spending time at school and eventually outside of school with Big Sister Gretchen was a big help, and Brianna began to gain confidence and focus.

Learning to Take Pride in Who You Are

When Little Brother Brandon was struggling with his identity and realizing he was gay, he wanted to tell his Big Brother Emilio. He was scared at first, but he says Emilio simply accepted him. “From my perspective, that’s my job as a Big Brother, just to listen and be supportive,” Emilio says.

A Big Becomes a Third “Gilmore Girl”

Little Sister Mykayla’s mom wanted to have a relationship with her daughter like Rory and Lorelai from “Gilmore Girls.” The mom and daughter were already so close in age that they were best friends, but throughout Mykayla’s childhood, her mother was sick. She was diagnosed with cancer when Mykayla was just a toddler, and she dealt with other severe illnesses…

The ‘Tika’ Seals That They are Brothers

After more than 10 years in a refugee camp, Little Brother Ashis’ parents got to the United States and immediately wanted to give their son opportunities and a bright future. They enrolled Ashis as a Little through BBBS of Utah, and he was soon matched with Big Brother Paul. The match was exactly what they were looking for. “Paul’s influence…

Nothing wrong with being a little lost

When Little Sister Esmeralda learned she was failing the third grade, she turned to her Big Sister for help. When they first started reading together, she could barely read the menu. When she pulled the fortune from a fortune cookie and began to read it aloud to Chelsea, she stopped in the middle because she got to a word she…