Mentoring is more important than ever!

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County, we appreciate all our supporters, from donors to volunteers to advocates. Your donations help us make and sustain strong, enduring Matches between Bigs and Littles - and instantly make you a part of our family. Donating online is the fastest and easiest way to partner with us and help us achieve our mission and vision. Your financial support allows us to keep doing what we do - empowering kids in Dane County to achieve their potential.




Your financial support helps us provide our programs to children in the Madison, Wisconsin area who need it the most! Your donation helps us develop more college graduates, community leaders, and entrepreneurs.

For youth in our program, their Big is essential. Littles in our program receive mentorship, empathy, stability, and, just as importantly, time for fun. Whether it’s a trip out for ice cream, a shoulder to cry on, or an empowering influence in an uncertain time, for more than 50 years Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County has helped our Littles reach their biggest futures.

Your contributions forge resilience, strength, and empowerment in every Match — and your continuous support keeps our agency strong, too!
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