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The Father He Never Had

When Little Brother Zack and Big Brother Charlie started their story in 1998, they didn’t expect to still be going 24 years later. Here’s Zack, now 34, sharing a few chapters from their story: Charlie came along when I was 10 years old. I assume that our relationship began like any other Match; he took me to the occasional movie,…

Hispanic Heritage Month: Bethany Ordaz

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Community Engagement & Events Manager, Bethany Ordaz, shared her experiences as a Mexican American. What is your ethnic background? I am Mexican American and consider myself Latina. My father was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was four. Our family also lived in Santiago, Chile…

Hispanic Heritage Month: Monica Roa

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Match Support & Enrollment Specialist, Monica Roa shared her experiences as a Mexican American and Puerto Rican. What is your ethnic background? For the longest time, I thought I was only Mexican American Born, but as an adult, I discovered that I am also Puerto Rican. So, I am definitely double proud! What elements of your culture…

Hispanic Heritage Month: Sandy Morales

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, our CEO, Sandy Morales shared her experiences as a Mexican American. What is your ethnic background? Mexican. Both of my parents were born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States about 44 years ago. What elements of your culture are most important to you? I really value my indigenous roots and history and…

Myths About Mentoring

Mentoring has many advantages, but there are many misconceptions that go along with it. Here are some myths versus realities surrounding mentoring relationships: Myth: Because my Little is quiet, it means they do not like me and want to hang out with me.Reality: Sometimes it can take a few outings for your little to open up and learn to trust…

Big Sister Alex and Little Sister Ja’Ziah

From the beginning, Alex has been dedicated and committed to Ja’Ziah. Not only is Alex a role model and a friend to Ja’Ziah, but they see each other as family. (So much so that Alex had Ja’Ziah be in her wedding, which was a beautiful and memorable occasion.) Alex helps guide Ja’Ziah by helping her build self-confidence, dream big, and…

Making a Life-Changing Relationship

What inspired you to become a Big? I became a Big because I wanted to make an impact and be involved directly in a young person’s life. There are so many volunteer organizations but none as unique as Big Brothers Big Sisters with a direct match and relationship with a youth that builds over time. What do you and your…

Big Sister Christy & Little Sister Victoria

From BBBS Staff: Victoria and Christy have a very strong bond with each other, despite having gotten matched a little later than most, when Victoria was already a teenager. They do a variety of activities together, such as hiking, visiting gardens, and going to Overture Center shows. They’re often seen together at BBBS program and fundraising events, and were even…

A Reflection of Why I Am A Big

Big Brother Jacob reflects on why he's a Big and how his Little Brother has affected his life in a positive way. "I first became a Big because it seemed like a uniquely fun way to volunteer. The idea of having an impact in my community while simply playing with, teaching, or just chitchatting with a friend was so appealing.…

Big Couple Bruce and Di & Little Brother James

Bruce and Di have been involved with BBBS for over 40 years, serving as Bigs for three Little Brothers. Bruce started as a Big to Little Brother Erik when he was still single, and the Match continued as Bruce and Di got married and started their family. Bruce was able to help Erik through some very difficult times, which made…