Statement in Support of our Black Youth and Community

June 1, 2020

When your mission is to ignite the power and promise of all youth, it is impossible to stand by and watch the appalling acts of racism that threaten that promise, especially to the 88% of our youth who are black and brown, and whom we proudly serve by providing caring, adult mentors that commit to their well-being. Youth safety is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County’s highest priority, but we strongly believe that this goes beyond our mentoring relationships. As an organization, we support our black youth – their voices and cries for justice – not only for the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery but for centuries of mistreatment and oppression faced by our black community members. We cannot defend potential if we do not listen with humility. We cannot ignite potential if we do not use our power to stand alongside our black youth and families as they plead for equality to live freely and have the same opportunities we all have. 

As a member of our community, your voice is critical. Our mentoring relationships clear the path and create a bridge for youth to access resources that may be out of their reach. Unfortunately, this is much harder to achieve when faced with systematic racism and aggression. I ask that you use your power and privilege from where you are to dismantle racism and make sure it is not standing in the way of the success of our youth. Below are some resources to get started on your journey. 

Supporting Kids of Color in the Wake of Racialized Violence
Book: White Fragility
Book: How to Be An Antiracist
75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
WEBINAR: “How do I make sure I’m not raising the next Amy Cooper?”
Anti-Racism Project
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Racial Equity Tools

Thank you for standing in the corners of our Littles and for using your platform to elevate their voice. We are better together when we understand and recognize that #alllivesmatter when #blacklivesmatter.

Sandy Morales, CEO

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