Volunteer of the Month: Renee Schuppener

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County is pleased to honor Big Sister Renee Schuppener as our Big of the Month. Renee has been matched with Jasmin for eight years! Jasmin and Renee have experienced many fun times together, from doing outdoor activities to going to different restaurants to experience food from other countries. Jasmin has now graduated from High School. Nothing can capture more what Renee has meant to Jasmin than what Jasmin has said about Renee in her own words:

“When we first met, I could only speak and understand Spanish. Renee showed me an app that I could use to learn English. She showed it to my mom too, and we downloaded it on our phones. It really helped me in school, and it also helped my mom learn more. I appreciate everything Renee has done for me. When I first met her, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. She always encouraged and supported me in everything. She is an amazing person! She would tell me she was proud of me, even for the smallest steps I took to finish school. She would praise me and tell me she was proud of me. That meant a lot to me. She makes me feel good about myself. I really trust her, and I love how she was always there to listen to me. She is like family to me and my mom.”

Maria, Jamin’s mom, has also expressed what a blessing Renee has been to their lives. She loved how Renee motivated Jasmin to apply herself in school. Because of that, Jasmin earned enough credits to graduate from high school in January of 2023. Jasmin plans to attend MATC in the fall and is interested in veterinary studies. It is mentors like Renee who make a BIG difference in their Little’s lives!

We are always thankful for Bigs like Renee, who continuously support their Littles to ignite the power and promise of their future.

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