Volunteer of the Month: Wesley Kavelaris

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County is pleased to honor Big Brother Wesley as our Volunteer of the Month. Wesley has been matched with Little Brother Calio for seven months, and they connected right from the start. Wesley and Calio enjoy staying active; they are particularly fond of sledding, playing sports at the park, riding bikes, and checking out different places around Madison where Calio can jump and run. 

Wesley helped Calio learn how to tie his shoes, and that goal has been checked off the list. Calio can now tie his shoes all by himself! Weslsey is teaching calmness and focus to Calio through yoga and meditation. (This will help Calio have more tools to concentrate better in general and at school.) 

Calio really values his time with Wesley and has said that he is “the best Big Brother.” (He even tells his friends about how awesome his Big Brother is.) Their Match Support Specialist noticed how fast Calio and Wesley connected; they already have such a strong bond. Both are super excited about the summer and are planning even more adventures together. Calio’s mom is thankful for BBBS for making this Match happen! 

We are always thankful for Bigs like Wesley, who continuously support their Littles to ignite the power and promise of their future. 

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