Making a Life-Changing Relationship

What inspired you to become a Big? I became a Big because I wanted to make an impact and be involved directly in a young person’s life. There are so many volunteer organizations but none as unique as Big Brothers Big Sisters with a direct match and relationship with a youth that builds over time.

What do you and your Little enjoy doing together? Yasmine and I enjoy doing a variety of things together – most of the time it can be as simple as grabbing dinner at a restaurant. Yasmine’s favorite spot is IHOP and we have shared many laughs and conversations over a plate of pancakes.

What is your favorite thing about being matched with your Little? My favorite thing about my match with Yasmine is that our relationship has grown so much over time. Our conversations and ability to connect with each other have been so natural. It is remarkable to look back at our first few times together at Chuck E. Cheese and how most recently I just watched her high school graduation ceremony and talked about what she still needed to get for her dorm room.

What is something that your Little teaches you about? Yasmine teaches me about many things – most importantly she has shown me a strong family bond by witnessing the bond she shares with her mom and sister’s family. Her family has been incredibly welcoming of our Match; I have had the opportunity to get to know them very well and share in their lives.

What do you hope for your Little in the future? My hope for Yasmine is that she continues to achieve all of the goals that she has set for herself. I hope that she always knows just how incredibly smart, compassionate, and driven she truly is.

What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a Big? Do it! Becoming a Big is extremely rewarding and creates a relationship that has a positive impact not only on a youth, but personally.

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