A Reflection of Why I Am A Big

Big Brother Jacob reflects on why he’s a Big and how his Little Brother has affected his life in a positive way.

“I first became a Big because it seemed like a uniquely fun way to volunteer. The idea of having an impact in my community while simply playing with, teaching, or just chitchatting with a friend was so appealing. Plus, it seemed like a good way to break up the sometimes stationary and high-stress daily life of law school. Being a Big has checked all of those boxes and then some!

I have only been a Big for a little over a half year, but my Little has become such an important person in my life. Not only do I look forward to spending time with him and continuing to build our friendship, he really has become a brother to me. We have learned each other’s sense of humor, we know how to hype each other up, and we can spend the bulk of a Saturday at an outing (and we won’t tire of each other). 

A few months ago, my Little and his mom told me they were considering moving to Michigan to be closer to family. On one hand, I was excited about the prospect of my Little being nearer to his family, but on the other, I was saddened by the thought of seeing such a positive person in my life move just a bit too far away for frequent visits. 

Since first hearing the news, however, things are looking up for my Little. While he will still be seeing his family in Michigan more often, he and his mom are staying in Dane County. My Little has been building up a friend group at school and has really hit it off well with me. My Littles roots are growing, and I’m just so ecstatic he is staying. I was brought to tears of joy when I found out my friend would stay nearby.

When I first became a Big, I expected a good volunteer experience. I expected to have fun and to really develop a friendship with my Little. I never expected it to be this fulfilling nor this important to my being. I am beyond grateful for my Little. He is a source of joy and excitement. He provides me with exactly the brotherly relationship I needed, and I hope I do the same for him.”

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