Porsha’s Story


Porsha’s mom was a single mother, who worked hard and was focused on providing each day, but was still struggling to make ends meet. However, when Porsha was 11 years old, her mother recognized that Porsha needed another adult in her life.

In 2003, Porsha was matched with Big Sister Sara. Sara provided Porsha with new experiences like rock climbing, canoeing and ice skating as well as a bigger support system. Porsha felt like she was part of Sara’s family, included and well loved. Porsha’s Big Sister drove her to think bigger about the world, push harder, strive for more, to dream big. 

After Porsha graduated from high school and graduated from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, she went on to attend University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. But, she knew she wanted to pay it forward.

My Big Sister taught me how to be selfless. I decided to become a Big Sister at the age of 18. I wanted to give back to my community. I felt like someone dedicated their time, money and love to me; it was only right that I gave that to another child.

In 2009, Porsha, no longer “little,” signed up to be a Big Sister and was matched with 8 year old Little Sister Renajah. Today, Renajah is a junior East High School thinking about her future.

 My favorite memory with Renajah is when she asked to know about my experience attending UW-Whitewater because she is interested in attending. It’s so rewarding; I never realized how much she looked up to me and valued my opinion.

Porsha is passing along the lessons she learned from her Big Sister Sara to her Little Sister Renajah. Turning vicious cycles into virtuous cycles and inspiring the next generation to think BIG.

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