THE HUNT: Bowl for Kids' Sake 2021

May 3-28, 2021

Registration opens in March 2021

This May, we're changing things up and introducing THE HUNT: Bowl for Kids Sake 2021! We're inviting companies, Bigs and community members to create a team and join us for a 30-day city-wide Scavenger Hunt with challenges, prizes, friendly competition, and fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County.

How it's going to work? It's simple. Each item on The Hunt is assigned a different point value, based on how easy (or not!) it is to find or create. Once you find it? Submit a photo or video to earn points for your team. Items will incorporate bowling, Madison landmarks, supporting local businesses, and more! For some, it's as easy as finding a certain spot in town. Other might be trickier, like recreating a photo from one of our Matches. What we can promise is that The Hunt will use your creativity, ingenuity, and sense of humor!

Each team can decide how to do The Hunt, whether you work together to complete items or divide them up. This flexibility will ensure that everyone can get involved, regardless of who's on your team or what the public health restrictions are. Hunting with your family? Head out together to find your items! Hunting with co-workers? Have a Zoom meeting to discuss who wants to take on each item, and get going on your own! There's not wrong way to do it.

The Hunt will culminate in a fun (and socially distant!) outdoor celebration event. We'll have goodies for all, plus some fabulous prizes for our top point-getters. Participants can drive through to get their prizes, or bring a picnic and enjoy a night out with lawn bowling and other fun games and activities. Plus, you'll have the warm fuzzies knowing you're giving back to a great cause. Win-win.


Interested in learning more or getting involved as a sponsor? Contact Bethany Ordaz at